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32 rattles.

Ceramics. 2020.

"32 Rattles" talks about the ovarian reserves that are stored in the woman's body and how these are released, egg by egg, with each menstruation. The idea of ​​this piece starts from the fact that during her reproductive stage, the woman produces an average of 400 eggs, which means that there are more than 400 opportunities of life stored in the ovaries.

The artist takes up this concept and materializes it through the production of 32 clay eggs. In the eggs, an essential element in which life is born, the 400 eggs are deposited in the form of small clay spheres. Through the sound of the spheres, the loss and passage of time is invoked, from the fullness of puberty (all spheres), to the emptiness of menopause (no sphere). Inspired by paleolithic astronomy rites, where the bones showed sequences of 28 points in a clear allusion to the lunar cycles, each rattle is furrowed by small incisions in the form of points that record the count of the lunations. Rattles is a call to the passage of time through the ritual of menstrual detachment in which, moon after moon, life is generated or detached.

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