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Ceramics. 2020.

Matrioshkas works around the three ages of women (girl, woman and old woman) through a set of three ceramic vessels of different sizes intertwined with each other.  

The concept of these pieces consists in that a baby girl already has all her eggs within her when she is only a three-month fetus, which means that a part of us is already present within our grandmothers when they are pregnant with our mothers. Or, in other words, the ovum from which we have been generated has been carried throughout our lives by our mother until the moment of her fertilization and subsequent delivery.  

Matrioshkas shows how the mother and the girl take shelter within the shelter of the grandmother in the same receptacle, making us aware of the symbiotic scale that we embody and in which we are immersed.

Escanear 4.jpeg
mandala 8.jpeg
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