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Mother vessel Workshops.

Clay. 2018.

This project is a 4 year project that starts one night in August 2017 when I go to the emergency’s because of a very strong pain in my abdomen, The first thing they did was to make me an x-ray, which they placed on the light screen and left there for a while, while I was waiting for the doctor to come and contemplating the x-ray, I realised that the cavity of my pelvis looked like a ceramic vessel.


As a result of this experience I began to research the origin of ceramic vessels and I discovered through different anthropology books that there was a  relationship since Neolithic times with ceramic vessels and female sexuality (The Language of the Goddess: Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization. Marija Gimbutas. Harper, 1991). For me it was magical because at that time, when there was no technology, these creations were made from intuition and feeling. Then I started playing with clay and modeling vessels thinking about the shape and size of my uterus and how I was feeling it inn different days of my cycle, without doing any previous anatomical or physiological research of what it really looks like, just by feeling.


I thought about opening this experience to other women and I presented the idea to an art gallery in Barcelona to do ceramic workshops with women of all ages to model uterus-vessels intuitively and by feeling. The first workshop was with a group of friends in July 2018, after this first workshop we continued to advertise the workshop through instagram, the gallery’s website and through the women who attended the workshops who recommended it to other friends and we were able to be for two years doing this workshop on a monthly basis with groups of between 8 and 15 women and between the ages of 20 to 60 years old approximately.

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