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Ceramics. 2020.

"Matrices", specifies in nine pauses the increase in the size of a uterus, from conception to delivery. Each month of pregnancy crystallizes in a ceramic piece that shows the increase in size and the evolution of the womb in a way that reminds us of a fig, thus referring to ancestral knowledge such as the theory of signatures, in which it was affirmed that plants and human organs had similarities in shapes and properties that showed us the way to healing.


Matrices shows us on a real scale the protection of our first home in the maternal body, as well as its capacity for openness, flexibility and shelter. By repeating this pattern (from 8cm to 38cm) we understand how the internal force of life expands its vigor and seeks its exit in a movement from the inside out.

Escanear 2.jpeg
Escanear 3.jpeg
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