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Internal time.

Acrylics. 2022.

Time and movement are inherent. From a metaphysical point of view, time is the duration of things that are subject to change. It is a flow of events that has not always been conceived of in the same way. The first conception of time was circular (or cyclical) and related to eternal motion. In this conception time has no beginning and no end, it is infinite. If the opportunity is not seized today, there will be another one tomorrow. On the other hand, the linear conception of time (past, present, future) that predominates in the West today appears with the idea of progress. Time is something predictable, regular and scarce.


With the intention of changing the way we measure time and the relationship we have with clocks, I thought of ways to relate to time in a more natural and not so mental way, more circular and not so linear, I asked myself: What can I control in a minute? What can I control in a minute to be aware of the duration of the changes and the implicit movement of the whole? I immediately thought of breathing. While it is true that breathing is an unconscious action, it is also unique that we can bring it under conscious control.

The natural tendency is to breathe at a rate of two to three seconds per inhalation and exhalation. We breathe twice or even three times as much as we need to. We live in a hyperventilating society. Coherent breathing is simply a matter of adjusting the time spent in each of these phases of breathing. Breathing can have a minimum of 2 times and a maximum of 4 times: inspiration, retention with full lungs, exhalation, retention with empty lungs. With the idea of practising healthier breathing patterns and exercising lung capacity I have designed templates for clocks that mark different optimal times for each of the phases. These templates show two different tempos; 6/6 and 4/7/8.

In this way the clock is centred on an internal time and not an external time.


Blue for inspiration / Pink for exhalation. 


Blue for inspiration / Yellow for retention / Pink for exhalation. 

Practice videos:

* Manufactured product made to order. As they are made to order, the tempos can be modified and variations of different breathing techniques can be made. Send me a message for questions and / or orders.

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