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Earth rotation.

Acrylics. 2022.


The relationship we have with the objects of measuring time is very impersonal, this is partly because time is a convention, a social contract, and our objects of measurement have nothing to do with the natural phenomenon of time.

With the intention of making a clock that was more aligned with the natural manifestation I designed a clock with a 24 hour mechanism that shows the cosmological phenomenon of the rotation of the earth, given that every 24 hours the earth completes a rotation on itself (360º), the hand of the clock indicates in this case how much the earth has rotated taking as a starting point each day the degree 0º, midnight.


I made a second version of the clock that emotionally links the observer with the phenomenon, in this case eliminating the classic hands of the clock and replacing them with a real representation of the terrestrial section where the observer can place himself at a specific point of the earth's crust.

These clocks imply waiting since the only movement shown is that of the hours and since they are clocks with 24-hour mechanisms the changes are slow and cannot be appreciated instantly, the hands will advance 15º each hour.

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