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Crystal cloud.

Blown glass. 2019.

Although our relationship regarding the use of flowerpots today has varied from the original purpose its materiality has not changed. A flowerpot is defined by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language as "a container of cooked clay, which usually has a hole in the bottom, and, full of soil, serves to raise plants."


The main material with which the pots are manufactured is still clay, although some plastic alternatives have also appeared. The physical (opaque) qualities of both materials, clay and plastic prevent us from seeing what happens inside the flowerpot. Inspired by the photographic work of Diana Scherer I thought it would be an interesting practice of attention to be able to observe what happens in the subsoil, the slow rhythms and changes of the plant kingdom that we are not accustomed to seeing but that are perceptible to the attentive eye, that what remains inside the earth in the pots; the roots that are always hidden and have been forgotten.


glass artist: Ferran Collado

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